colter122 is a castaway from Survivor: Borneo and Survivor: The Australian Outback.


Season: Survivor: Borneo

Placement: 12/16

Tribe(s): Tagi

Tribe wins: 0

Votes Against: 2

Days Lasted: 12

Season: Survivor: The Australian Outback

Placement: Sole Survivor

Tribe(s): Kucha, Barramundi

Tribe wins: 4

Individual wins: 3

Votes Against: 0

Days Lasted: 42



The only strong pre-merge challenge performer on Tagi, colter took out Watch for being a potential flipper at merge. However, max put a stop to the alliance of colt, pop, and wise, and colt was taken out after pop since wise was there and colt was absent at the final 12.

The Australian Outback:

The first Survivor returnee for Ambition Longterms, colter immediately made alliances and found the Kucha idol on Day 6, and he also had a cross-tribal alliance for merge. After breezing through the pre-merge phase on the undefeated Kucha tribe, colter, Shawna, and brent began to control the game, however, at the final 6, kitty wanted to put a stop to it, but Shawna saved herself and kitty, as well as the rest of brent's alliance, were taken out due to colter's and Shawna's control of the game. At the final three, colter chose to take Shawna to the end and send Echo to the jury because he felt as if Echo didn't deserve to make it to the end. Although that seemed like a miscalculation, Shawna's showing of not wanting to win gave colter 5 jury votes and the title of Sole Survivor.

Overall, colter is considered to be one of the legends of Ambition Longterms, after competing in its debut, although experiencing a shortf-lived adventure, and then competing in the second Survivor season 7 months later and winning the game in polarizing fashion. His performance in The Australian Outback was considered superior, as he was an all around great strategic player, manipulator, physical player, being the first in Ambition Longterms history to win 7 overall challenges in one season, and social player. He was the first player to find a hidden immunity idol, and he also helped took out brent in The Australian Outback, who's considered the greatest player in Ambition Longterms history, and his move at the final five of which he told Echo to vote Princess last second with the possibility of brent playing his idol on himself in colter's mind, which ultimately sent Princess home, in a very risky Tribal Council.

Overall Grade (Borneo) Edit


Voting History Edit

colter's Voting History
Episode colter's Votes Voted Against colter
1 Kucha Tribe Immune <
2 Kucha Tribe Immune <
3 Kucha Tribe Immune <
4 Kucha Tribe Immune <
5.1 logan -
5.2 tyla Individual Immunity
5.3 bill Individual Immunity
6.1 kitty -
6.2 brent -
7.1 brent -
7.2 Echo Individual Immunity
Jury Votes for colter bill, brent, Echo, logan, tyla
Sole Survivor, Day 42

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